We are proud to announce the launch of theofficial publication of Parallax - 3D for everybody.

Out in April 2014!

We are proud to announce the third edition of the


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Parallax Stereoscopic Video Art Festival is your only chance to see new J.-L. Godard and Peter Greenaway's movie in Czech: "3X3D" will be screened on Friday 17th November 2014 at 7:30 in kino Lucerna. 

On Saturday 18th November 2014 at 10 AM we start with pesentations and discussion panels with the S3D movie makers too. We are going to leave the space for unique Future Design project – the further development of S3D technology in other branches than movie making.
From 4:30 there are two sections of short S3D movies screenings at Small Projection Room of kino Lucerna.
Parallax Festival focuses on stereoscopic 3D films and video art. The aim of the festival is to show and discusse the innovations within stereoscopic cinema art and stereoscopic video art. Therefore the screenings of films in S3D are accompanied by discussions and lectures. The festival will present both professional and amateur films. For authors of stereoscopic 3D films, the festival is an unique opportunity to show their work.


Ali Gharib’s moving image work EXILE shows small episodes of a young man who is lost in Prague. He lives in exile, banished from his Arab homeland.

The work exile has been realized in the context of parallax artist promotion 2012/2013: a collaboration between EXPANDED 3-D INSTITUTE of the University of Art and Design,  Karlsruhe and CIANT, International Centre for Art and New Technologies, Prague.

Camera: Maria JudovaMusic composer: Jesus JaraText editor: William MartinDuration: 15 min.


Watch out for our Workshop series TRANSISTOR 

The workshops are compiled as the real process of S3D live action shooting, with actors and realization of storyboards.

The first workshop from 16th to 20th September 2013 will feature recordings in various locations in Karlsruhe, as a part of S3D Documentary storytelling and filmmaking. Parallel lectures are realized in groups divided according to the specific focus of participants’ professional practice.

The second workshop from 23th to 27th September 2013 is all about S3D Fiction storytelling and filmmaking. Both workshops are tutored by the best experts in S3D technology. Wim Wenders, Ludger Pfanz, Erwin Schmidtand many more. Don’t miss out this opportunity, apply now with reduced prices or for a scholarship and be part of these unique workshops.

Beyond Festival 2013 will take part in October 3rd - 6th 2013, along with the "Parallax Expert Symposium".

We are happy to welcome you there in the premises of ZKM and HFG Karlsruhe!


Built on the success of the first 3D symposium worldwide in 2012, BEYOND and the EU project "Parallax" are going to host the international experts 3D-Symposium BEYOND, taking part October 03rd – 06th 2013.
This full-day continuing education symposium will provide an overview of current productions and trends of stereoscopic cinema, TV and storytelling. In addition, BEYOND and "Parallax" will present the latest breakthroughs in science, art and education. A special focus this year will be set on the "third industrial revolution" with topics like 3D-printing and digital distribution covering the last two days of the symposium. This unusual mix of subject areas unbind a new experience of 3D. Emphasizing on intermediation and shift of experiences, workshops and lectures are going to be a framework for the symposium.
Professors and students of art- and filmschools, producers, editors and professionals in the field of film and TV Production as well as experts in 3D-print are kindly welcome.
Because of the international range the whole symposium will be held in english.

Furthermore, we are glad to announce the GAMERZ FESTIVAL 2013