»We must not only project the probabilities of the future with our computers, but also the improbabilities from an imaginative future into a “count-down” to the present, and then, in time, change the political, economic and ecologic parameters accordingly.«

Ludger Pfanz

2014-03-24 | Parallax - 3D for everybody Publication will be launched in April 2014

We are proud to announce the launch of theofficial publication of Parallax – 3D for everybody. With a preface of Peter Weibel, articles by Ludger Pfanz among many others. Out in April 2014!... read more

2014-01-22 | Parallax Festival Prague 2014

The third edition of Parallax Festival 2014 in Praha during January 17th - 18th has been a great sucess.Two full days of inspiring talks, cinema and art.More pictures hereMore information here... read more

2014-01-14 | Tenerife 3D Workshop

During december, we created a workshop together with the camera department of HFF Munich and Helsinki Filmschool. The plan was to connect young filmmakers by conducting a series of interdisciplinary worksh... read more

2013-10-30 | Parallax Panel 2013

As a part of Beyond Festival 2013, we hosted the Parallax Panel connecting specialists in the field of Art, Science and Film. The full Panel speeches will be online here soon for those who have missed the... read more

2013-10-23 | Beyond Symposium 2013

The Beyond Festival 2013 has been a great chance to encounter the futuristic spirit of stereoscopic film,  dwelling at a place where innovative thoughts of great minds come together and seek out for new p... read more

2013-04-10 | Shooting Spielbank

We just had an amazing Shoot for Spielbank 3DDirector: Bastian EppleDOP: Marco KugelWatch out for the premiere at Beyond Festival 2013!... read more

2013-02-26 | The guest lecture at Edingburgh University

Ludger Pfanz has held a guest lecture on Stereoscopy at University of Edinburgh.He was accompanied by sterographer and DOP Martin Morlock please enjoy the pictures here!... read more

2012-12-01 | Artist in Resident Ali Gharib in Prague

HFG student Ali Gharib is staying in Prague for an artist-in-residency at CIANT!This was his second letter to us on 29th November:Maria Judova and me, yesterday after shooting at masyrykovo nadrazi staio..... read more

2012-11-01 | Shooting Blümchen 3D

Finally the shooting of Bluemchen with Director HENG TANG and producer GÜLSEL OETZKAN is accomplished!We had a tremendous help from HfG and Stuttgart Students, as well as Postproduction-Expert Sven Heck f... read more